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Davis-Bacon Works! Prevailing Wage Laws are Good for America.

The Adverse Economic Impact from Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Missouri.

Kansas and Prevailing Wage Legislation.

Kentucky’s Prevailing Wage Law: Its History, Purpose and Effect.

Questions and Answers about Davis-Bacon: Protecting the American Standard of Living.

Four Biases and a Funeral: Dr. Vedder’s Faulty Experiment Linking Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law to Construction Employment.

State Prevailing Wage Laws and School Construction Costs.

Prevailing Wage Laws.

Prevailing Wage Regulations and School Construction Costs: Evidence from British Columbia.

The Facts about Prevailing Wage Laws.

Making Hay When It Rains: The Effect Prevailing Wage Regulations, Scale Economies, Seasonal, Cyclical And Local Business Patterns Have on School Construction Costs.

Health Care and Pension Benefits for Construction Workers: The Role of Prevailing Wage Laws.

Davis-Bacon Protections on Infrastructure Projects.

Square Foot Construction Costs for Newly Constructed State and Local Schools, Offices and Warehouses in Nine Southwestern and Intermountain States.

Losing Ground: Lessons from the Repeal of Nine “Little Davis-Bacon” Acts.

Making Davis-Bacon Work: A Contractor’s Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements for Federally-Assisted Construction Projects.

Application of the Davis-Bacon Act in the 21st Century: A Union Lawyer’s Perspective.

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