ACT Ohio Officers & Board Members

Officers: Matthew Szollosi - Executive Director Michael Knisley - President Dennis Duffey - Secretary/Treasurer Board Members: Barry Rohrmeier - Asbestos Scott Hammond - Boilermakers Kenneth Kudela - Bricklayers David Moran - IBEW Tim Moennich - Elevator Constructors Tim McCarthy - Iron Workers Ralph Cole - Laborers James Sherwood - Painters and Allied Trade Workers Joseph

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Resources to keep you updated on construction through out the country

BCTD Internet Resources BCTD Webpage: Value on Display webpage: A Union Life webpage: PLAs Work webpage: *  Resources/Research/Reports: National Alliance for Fair Contracting webpage: Federal Business Opportunities: President Mark Ayers' Page on Huffington Post: New BCTD Blog: We Party Patriots Facebook Page: We Party Patriots Twitter

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