The Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council endorses Joe Biden for President because he supports the Building Trades, our issues and our jobs.

Infrastructure – Joe Biden’s 1.3 trillion dollar “Build Back Better” plan promotes projects to be built by the Building Trades with USA materials.

Energy, Including Green Energy – Joe Biden has made strong commitments to an all-of-the-above energy approach including investments in
nuclear, natural gas, wind and solar with a 100% commitment towards using Union Building Trades, not only for the present but in the future.

Fracking – Joe Biden has publicly stated that he is pro-fracking.

PRO Act – Joe Biden’s endorsement of this much needed legislation makes it easier for workers to organize and form unions. He has consistently voted against “Right to Work.”

HEROES Act – Joe Biden’s support of the HEROES Act protects our pensions, including multi-employer pension reform, and makes sure our
contributions for health and pensions cannot be taxed.

Joe Biden is a proven leader with a legacy of commitment to union members. He stands shoulder to shoulder with the values of the building trades and our great country.

Note: Before you vote, check out both candidates’ websites to see where they stand on “our issues,” including promises that were made 4 years ago.
The choice is clear, Joe Biden has our backs and will not abandon the Building Trades with empty rhetoric and broken promises.