The Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council is proud to endorse Joe Biden for President.

This endorsement decision was based on our Executive Board’s continued commitment to evaluating the candidates on their stance on the core issues that affect our members and making the recommendation that reflects this information.

The past performance of the president included empty rhetoric, broken promises and outright attacks on organized labor that have drastically affected us for the present and the future. In evaluating the Biden Plan, we were pleased to see his strong support for the issues that are most important to our members including Infrastructure, prevailing wage, workplace safety, pension reform and our Industry Registered Apprenticeship Programs. Joe Biden’s long history of standing with working families and his lifetime commitment to our brothers and sisters of the Building Trades paved the way for this important endorsement.

Before you cast your vote, we urge everyone to research the candidates’ positions, including the Biden Plan which lays out a clear vision and proposal to rebuild America through a sustainable infrastructure and energy plan which emphasizes the middle class and “union” jobs. This puts food on our tables and is what the Building Trades stands for and is core to our principles and values.