Thousands of high school and college graduates are saying to themselves, “Now what?” Their education has not led to a career that pays well, has good benefits and is fulfilling. We encourage them to explore an apprenticeship with the Ohio State Building Trades and our fourteen member councils.  Our world-class registered apprenticeship programs train workers to become highly-skilled, technologically-advanced construction workers earning six figures. Apprenticeship is a earn-while-you-learn program that combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training that pays family-sustaining wages, health care coverage and retirement benefits from day one. Best of all, this training is provided at no cost to the apprentices, so they graduate with no student debt. Building Trades apprentices never have to ask themselves, “Now what?” They know that they have an interesting, stable career that pays well, has good benefits and provides a lifetime of fulfillment. Contact the Ohio State Building Trades or any of our member councils for more information about apprenticeship.